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Tanker Unloading System

The tanker unloading is specially designed for accurate measurement of liquid fuels and solvents during unloading from tankers to above ground and underground tanks. System is available with pump option. This system is the unique combination of an air separator, a flowmeter and a back pressure and/or vacuum breaker valves which enable seamless unloading measurement.

Tanker Loading and Unloading Systems

When transferring liquids, delayed flow rates or erratic operation can stall processes and drive an entire day's timetable off-schedule. Lower the downtime and experience the extended hours of stable operation Fluidyne's tanker unloading system can provide.

These systems are extensively used in industries while unloading fuel from tankers as an improvement over traditional dip rod measurement standard. We present a wide range of liquid and solvents loading and unloading systems for preventing the wastage of fuel as well as accurate unloading for audits.

Assembled with positive displacement flowmeters, our systems ensure a high level of accuracy in their measurements. These oil and chemical tanker unloading systems are most suitable for liquid fuels like diesel, petrol, kerosene and other solvents.

The Configuration of a Tanker Unloading System

We deliver the operational capacities needed to meet the demanding requirements of loading and unloading tankers together with a suitable centrifugal or positive displacement pump which is a vital component for loading and unloading a tanker. We realize the importance of your liquids and have the technical expertise to select a suitable and cost-effective unloading pump.

Our oil tanker unloading system offers the reliability, performance, flexibility, and proven value to optimize the transfer of critical liquids from the vessel to distant tank farms.

In industrial applications, systems must handle potentially hazardous liquids like fuel, oil, and related products which are inflammable. Therefore, our unloading systems come with certified flameproof enclosures and flameproof pump starter as well. When delivering a shipment of chemical reagents or taking on refined petroleum products, the operation requires the pumps in a chemical tanker unloading system to fit the job.


  • Allows the liquid to be steadily and continuously transferred to the centre of the pump where the discharge port is located.
  • The operation method guarantees that the liquids are carried with high-efficiency and almost pulsation-free, which are crucial considerations when conveyed highly viscous liquids over vast distances.
  • Ideal for corrosive and non-corrosive, low or high viscosity, and clean or abrasive liquids.
  • A compact design for convenience, self-priming, and the ability to run dry short-term and consistent flow rates despite fluctuating conditions.


The Series 7100 System is specially designed to accurately measure liquid fuels and solvents during unloading from tankers to underground and aboveground tanks. Precise measurement of liquids is the only solution against the dip-rod measurement standard. The oil unloading system offers excellent protection against pilferage and short supply typically encountered in this application.

As a tanker unloading system manufacturer, we ensure our systems offer user-friendly operations, longevity, flawless design and less maintenance cost. This system is highly required in mining, gas & oil, and numerous other industries for safe and efficiently unloading diesel and kerosene from the tanker. The Tanker Unloading System is manufactured under our experts' careful guidance at our facilities, with the parts of highest-quality and the most innovative techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are oil tankers unloaded?

Tankers are unloaded via tanker unloading system which combines air separator, non-return valve and Positive Displacement flowmeter. This helps in error-free measurement due to removal of air and ensuring that the flowmeter is always full of liquid.

2. How can one load a tanker ship?

Through a tanker loading and unloading system which uses PD flowmeter, pump and valve which can be controlled on a preset quantity which is similar to the operation of refueling of our vehicles at a commercial fuel retail outlet.

3. How do you find the maximum loading rate on a ship?

This can be calculated by using a tanker unloading system using Positive Displacement flowmeter which actively measures liquid volume and in turn fines loading flow rate.

4. How much time does it take to load an oil tanker?

It depends on the capacity of the tanker unloading system pump, PD meter capacity together with line size. The larger the discharge rate of the pump, size of the line and PD meter, the faster the loading.


Tank Configuration
Above Ground Tank
Air Elimination Valve
Back Pressure Valve
Power Supply
Battery powered
230 VAC 50Hz Single Phase
AC 230V 50 Hz mains supply
±0.5% of reading
Better than 0.5% of reading
Output Options
Short range Wireless
FlowLog Cloud Services
Compatible Liquids
Lube Oils
8x2 Dot Matrix LCD Display
Unloading flowrate
24000 LPH
* 6000 LPH Max for gravity unloading to the underground tank by gravity.
* 24000 LPH Max for unloading to Above-ground tank through the pump


  • High accuracy 3"/2" positive displacement flowmeter
  • High capacity air separator
  • High capacity float actuated air release mechanism
  • Vacuum Breaker Valve for 100% Air elimination for Underground Tanks
  • Back Pressure Valve for 100% Air elimination for above ground Tanks
  • LCD Dot matrix backlit display for easy readability
  • Weather-proof and flame proof electrical fittings
  • RS485 Serial – Output for BMS connectivity
  • Resettable and Cumulative display totalisers
  • High-capacity air separator.
  • The construction ensures the system is full of liquid at all times.
  • Ten years of memory retention during power failures.

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