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Petrol Flowmeter

Fluidyne made petrol flowmeters are exactly what you need when it comes to accurate consumption or dispensing of petrol. Built on the time tested positive displacement principle, the Fluidyne petrol flowmeter combines accurate and repeatable flow sensing along with safety by usage of certified electronics flameproof enclosure.

Petrol Flow Meters

Over the years, people in the oil and gas industry have innovated and created ways to get accurate measurements. From extracting to delivering these raw materials, everyone in the business has been deeply invested in getting the most accurate measurements possible. Fluidyne's precision petrol flowmeters combine the qualities of robustness and great accuracy. Our products and solutions have met diverse customer requirements to monitor liquid mediums in various industries and applications.

The extended working life and stability over time of our Series 6600 flowmeters show that precision and robustness are not mutually exclusive. Our fuel flowmeters in India are the most reliable positive displacement meters in the industry.

The Configuration of Petrol Flowmeters

Petrol PD Flowmeters are standard volumetric instruments which immediately measure the volume of flowing liquid using the oscillating piston mechanism, which enables exact volume measurement as opposed to inferred volumetric measurement. These devices, manufactured in India for several decades, allow an accurate measurement of the flow rates of nearly all the liquids industrially employed. They may be utilised for custody transfer plans, operating devices, and the petroleum industry's many other needs.

The petrol flow meter is a device used to measure volumetric fuel consumption, petrol volume moving through the line per unit of time. Its measurements are presented in meter readings ( like in the water or electricity meters).


  • Usually unaffected by flow profiles, just tiny inlet and outlet parts required.
  • Also useful in acute conditions, e.g. high viscosity, caused by a change in variants.
  • Calculations are feasible for unusual circumstances.
  • Fit for severe temperatures and pressures


Fuel flowmeters in India are designed to gauge fuel consumption in the fuel line of several vehicles and stationary devices.

  • Vehicles: Used on the railroad, in air, or water.
  • Additional vehicle devices. For example, a compressor unit or other attachments positioned on a vehicle chassis.
  • Stationary installations. Petro flowmeters can be placed inside the tanks used at corporate petrol stations.

Fuel fluctuations do not influence flowmeter readings in a tank. Therefore, one can unlock complete device potential while operating under regular fuel fluctuations when operating on uneven terrain. So, a fuel flowmeter in India can be used on agricultural tools (lie tractors, etc.), off-road vehicles like Jeeps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which flowmeter is used in petrol pumps?

Positive Displacement flowmeter is used as a petrol flow meter due to high accuracy and repeatability and being able to directly measure volume of petrol.

2. What does fuel flow meter mean?

A fuel flow meter is one that uses a non-inferential technique such as positive displacement to measure fuel flowrates as well as totalized fuel volume.

3. How to calculate fuel flow rate?

By installing a fuel flowmeter which is most likely Positive Displacement type.

4. How do petrol pumps measure fuel?

Petrol pumps measure fuel by using petrol flowmeter which is PD flowmeter type. The operator sets a currency/litre based setpoint which the PD flowmeter calculates instantaneously by segmenting the volume into smaller volumes and eventually measuring the dispensed fuel litres.


Pipe Size
6mm - 80 mm
Flow Rate Compatibility
3 LPH - 30,000 LPH
8x2 LCD with Backlight
LCD without backlight
LCD with backlight
Flowmeter Construction
Aluminum LM04
SS 304
± 0.25% of reading
Output Signal Options
Data on cloud services
4-20 mA
Data on Mobile Phone
± 0.01% of reading


  • Wide operating flow range of 3 to 24,000 LPH
  • Guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5% of reading
  • Low pressure drop allows gravity head operation
  • Maximum operating temperature – 150 °C
  • Does not require external power source due to self-powered electronics
  • Choice of weatherproof and flameproof enclosures
  • Built-in high capacity reusable wire mesh filter
  • S.S., Aluminum and Plastic builds to suit corrosive liquids

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