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Fuel Consumption Meter

The Fluidyne Series 6655 Fuel Consumption Meter is a compact solution for independent measurement of inflow and out flow of diesel fuel for calculating the net consumption of Diesel Engines, Boilers, Kilns and Furnaces. The Fluidyne legendary Rotary Piston P.D. Flowmeters guarantee high accuracy and repeatability of the net fuel measurement. The DMF can be paired with Display unit RF/ Bluetooth / GSM data transmitters for wireless data transmission to Fluidyne’s Flowlog Cloud based web application.

Fuel Consumption Meter

Operational efficiency is a requirement for staying in business. And accuracy of measurement is the foundation of securing added profit when optimizing operations. Without accurate fuel consumption measurements onboard, it is challenging to determine what impact the procedures have made.

The fuel consumption monitoring system is an accurate device for fuel consumption monitoring— a way to boost your competitive advantage by freeing workers from operation and maintenance tasks. This enables them to concentrate on their primary duties, i.e. optimizing the engine’s efficiency and increasing profits in ships, cars, generators, etc. Installed directly to the engine, real-time fuel information provides constant visibility and permits unrivalled authority of engine modes and fuel usage.

The Configuration of Fuel Consumption Monitoring System

A Fuel Consumption Meter is made up of a positive displacement meter and manifolds. The monitoring system is carefully designed for the exact size of the diesel engine intake of any vehicles like buses, vans, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, or other diesel locomotives.

The Fluidyne Series 6655 Differential Fuel meter is a compact solution for independent measurement of inflow and outflow of diesel fuel for calculating the net consumption of diesel engines, boilers, kilns and furnaces. Our legendary Rotary Piston P.D. Flowmeters guarantee high accuracy and repeatability of the net fuel measurement. The car fuel consumption meter can be paired with Display unit RF/Bluetooth/GSM data transmitters for wireless data transmission to the Flow Log Cloud-based web application.


  • Extends machinery lifetime, a reduction of repair and maintenance expenses.
  • Exact, repeatable and drift-free metering system for engine fuel consumption monitoring.
  • Virtually unlimited measuring range, highly accurate at high as well as very low flow rates.
  • Meant for High Pressure Fuel Injected engines as well as Cummins PT engine types.
  • Independent of demanding conditions (high temperatures, vibrating pipes, etc.)
  • Flowmeter also reduces fuel and repair costs and measures direct fuel consumption of an engine for individual sections and technological operations.
  • Reduces the chances of pilferage of diesel in DG sets because direct engine consumption is measured instead of the level in DG tank.


The fuel consumption meter can be used for consumption monitoring as well as engine performance monitoring, and it proactively signals maintenance. The car fuel consumption meter provides smart fuel management to optimize costs and lower emissions, with precise measurement of the engine working hours and fuel consumption.

  • Diesel consumption analysis of Gensets
  • Consumption measurement for ships and rail engines
  • Kerosene measurement for kilns
  • Diesel consumption analysis for diesel-fired boilers
  • LDO consumption measurement for furnaces

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the fuel flow rate measured?

Fuel flow rate is measured by a fuel consumption monitoring system that actively calculates totalizer and integrates the value over discrete time intervals.

2. How is fuel consumption calculated in a diesel engine?

A fuel consumption meter actively calculates consumption in suction and return lines and finds the difference between the two. At no load condition, the flow in both lines is nearly equal and the consumption equal zero in ideal cases. When load increases the suction flow is much greater than return flow and this increases diesel consumption in an engine.

3. What is the purpose of fuel flow indicator?

A fuel flow indicator is used to find the consumption of an engine at varying load conditions.

4. Is fuel weight affected by Temperature?

In short yes. If the temperature increases greatly, due to some expansion of the liquid, the volume and weight both are bound to change.


Measurement Flow Range
Liquid measuring range in the fuel consumption meter is from 3 LPM to 40 LPM and suitable for All types of DG engines, Boilers, and inlet and outlet flow lines.
Service Liquids
Power Supply
Low power Battery-enabled
230 VAC
24 VDC
LCD Backlight
Engine Make
Max Operating Temperature
80º C


• Two independent PD Flow sensors to measure inflow and
outflow of fuel
• Guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5% of reading for Net fuel
• Standard hose connectors for connection in the fuel system
• Sturdy mounting Brackets to withstand vibrations
• Weatherproof and Flameproof enclosure for display
• RS485 Modbus serial output or RF / Bluetooth, or GSM
wireless output optional
• Self powered operation with data transmission makes for a
truly wire-free device
• Can be directly linked to Fluidyne’s Flowlog Cloud base web

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