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Diesel Flowmeter

Fluidyne made diesel flowmeters are exactly what you need when it comes to accurate consumption or dispensing of diesel. Built on the time tested positive displacement principle using oscillating piston design, the Fluidyne flowmeter combines accurate and repeatable flow sensing along with safety by usage of certified electronics flameproof enclosure.

Diesel Flowmeter Manufacturer– Fluidyne

In the oil industry, measuring the flow of liquids and gases is vital during each phase of exploration, production and transportation. These applications require the highest diesel meter accuracy, reliability, and long-term stability, along with a low cost-of-ownership.

As diesel flowmeter manufacturers in India, Fluidyne's innovation and superior quality in flow monitoring and control have stood the test of time. We offer an extensive product range for several operations, including PD flowmeters and their applications such as dispensers, precision batching systems, high-accuracy tanker unloading and loading systems, engine consumption meters and more.

The Configuration of Diesel Flowmeter

Fluidyne-made flowmeters are precisely what you need when it comes to accurate consumption or dispensing of diesel. It is built on the time-tested positive displacement principle using oscillating piston design. This equipment made by the best diesel flow meter manufacturers in India combines accurate and repeatable flow sensing and safety by the usage of certified electronics flameproof and weatherproof enclosure.

This flowmeter has records data readings in non-volatile memory that validate the aggregate flow on a display. Customers can also opt for a remote display option in diesel flow meter products. The internal moving part is protected with seals which ensure that liquid in the flow tube is measured before reaching the outlet.

Digital fuel flow meters can be attached to clean and non-corrosive liquids such as diesel, including marine diesel and high-speed diesel HSD. Commonly best-connected for processes where high precision is needed at a reasonable cost.

The Benefits of using Flowmeter for stock measurement in Diesel Tanks

  • For assured quality control, the liquid is monitored with a flowmeter and controlled accordingly to stabilize the flow.
  • Flow control using a diesel flow meter with pump enables both predictive maintenance and more reliable device protection.
  • Flow control allows the prevention of deterioration in quality and stops malfunctions caused by improper cooling.
  • These Flow Meters can measure exactly how much liquid was transferred into a tank and this enables conservation of expensive fuels and minimizes wastage.


As Diesel flowmeter manufacturers in India, we offer a precision-engineered series of flowmeters, specifically designed to meet our clients' requirements. A diesel flowmeter is extensively used in oil flow measurement in industrial areas such as oil production, oil refining, commerce, oil storage, etc. Made using high-quality material, the flowmeter is very economical and highly reliable. Our clients highly appreciate us for their unique features. As a diesel flowmeter manufacturer, we supply our ranges of flowmeters in various configurations and specifications.

As a tanker unloading system manufacturer, we ensure our systems offer user-friendly operations, longevity, flawless design and less maintenance cost. This system is highly required in mining, gas & oil, and numerous other industries for safe and efficiently unloading diesel and kerosene from the tanker. The Tanker Unloading System is manufactured under our experts' careful guidance at our facilities, with the parts of highest-quality and the most innovative techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are Diesel flow meters calibrated?

They generally use Positive Displacement techniques. Depending on diesel quality and quality of workmanship of internal rotating or moving parts calibration can be required as quickly as once every year or rarely as once every four to five years.


Pipe Size
6mm - 80 mm
Positive Displacement with Rotary Vane Positive Displacement with an oscillating piston
Positive Displacement with oscillating piston
Output Signal Options
Data on Cloud Services Data on Mobile Phone 4-20 mA RS485/Modbus
Data on Mobile Phone
4-20 mA
± 0.01% of Reading
LCD with Backlight
LCD without Backlight
Flowmeter Construction
SS 304 Aluminium LM04
Aluminium LM04
± 0.25% of reading
Flow Rate Compatibility
3 to 30,000 LPH


• Wide operating flow range of 3 to 24,000 LPH

• Guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5% of reading

• Low-pressure drop allows gravity head operation

• Maximum operating temperature – 150 °C

• Does not require external power source due to self-powered electronics

• Choice of certified weatherproof and flameproof enclosures

• Built-in high-capacity reusable wire mesh filter

• S.S. Aluminium and PVC option builds to suit corrosive liquid

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