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Acid Flowmeter

High accuracy, high repeatability acid flowmeters which use the positive displacement measurement principle. This acid flowmeter can be used for organic and inorganic acids most common being nitric acid flowmeter, hydrochloric acid flowmeter, sulphuric acid flowmeter and many more. The acid flowmeter uses highly durable alloys and inert plastics in piston materials enabling long life and sturdy operation.

Acid Flow Meters

The use of dangerous and corrosive acids across industries spans over a hundred years. It is important for enterprises to maintain worker-safety during every process. Which is why, the corrosive acids are maintained separately from the other machinery and monitored. And for this, Fluidyne's acid flowmeter is an extremely valuable instrument.

Regardless of why the acid is employed, too much or too little flowing to a process can be harmful. Industries and factories have to ensure the precise volume of acid is being utilized at all times, and there is no shift in the flow. The monitoring of acid flow is why businesses invest in a flow meter.

To monitor the differential pressure and regulate the flow accurately, the flowmeters need a corrosion-free surface that does not hinder the flow— the surface of Fluidyne's acid-resistant flowmeter eliminates corrosion, an unobstructed and continuous flow path is sustained. The usage of hastelloy, stainless steel 316L, durable plastic pistons ensure that the life of the acid flowmeter is maintained even in harsh operating conditions.

The Configuration of Acid-resistant Flowmeters

Flow meters to measure the flow of strong hot corrosive acids like sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid have always been a challenge. The combination of acid-resistant tantalum surfaces with high-performance flow meters solves this problem and creates the most corrosion-resistant flow meters available to the industry.

By stopping the corrosion of critical surfaces in differential flow meters, sensitive measurements can be obtained and made reliable.

The acid-resistant flowmeters provided by Fluidyne are explicitly built for monitoring acid flow, as regular meters couldn't survive like sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. They are the most corrosion-resistant meters available in the industry.


  • Unobstructed flow without moving parts
  • No added pressure drop
  • Typically flow profile insensitive, just short inlet and outlet parts needed
  • Unchanged by shifts in temperature, viscosity, density, concentration, as well as electrical conductivity
  • A convenient choice for chemically corrosive or abrasive measuring liquids
  • Unaffected by contamination and coatings and low maintenance
  • A linear correlation between flow rate and measured variable


Acid flowmeters are advised for application along with acids or chemically aggressive liquids. Titanium dioxide is a compound used in the making of paints, certain plastics, cosmetics, etc., and is treated either with chlorine or sulfates.

Hydrofluoric acid is an aggressive chemical used in creating Teflon. Acid flowmeters used along with this highly corrosive liquid must be lined with specialty plastics like in our flowmeters. Fluidyne supplies acid-resistant flow meters to regulate the flow of strong corrosive acids like sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and nitric acid while also measuring weak organic acids like acetic acid, formic acid, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I test Acid flow meter?

By installing an acid flowmeter which is most likely Positive Displacement type and uses non-corrosive elements in construction.


Positive Displacement with oscillating piston
± 0.25% of reading
± 0.01% of reading
Pipe Size
6mm - 80 mm
Flow Rate Compatibility
3-30,000 Litres per Hour
Output Signal Options
Data on cloud services
4-20 mA
Data on Mobile Phone
LCD with backlight
LCD without backlight
Flowmeter Construction
Aluminum LM04
SS 304


The Fluidyne acid flowmeters are based on the time-tested oscillating piston mechanism. A single moving component in the assembly ensures extremely reliable operation for long periods. Use of state of the art solid state magnetic sensor, ultra-low powered electronic sensors, provides for all the simplicity of a mechanical P.D. meter and the reliability of electronic sensing and read outs. The acid flowmeter comes with inbuilt 149 micron SS mesh reusable filter element

  • Wide operating flow range of 3 to 24,000 LPH
  • Maximum operating temperature – 150 °C
  • Guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5% of reading
  • Low-pressure drop allows gravity head operation
  • Does not require external power source due to self-powered electronics
  • Built-in high-capacity reusable wire mesh filter
  • Choice of certified weatherproof and flameproof enclosures
  • S.S. Hastelloy and durable plastic moving parts option builds to suit corrosive liquid

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