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Series 8810

The Used Oil Draining & filtration System is specially designed to remove; measure and filter used lubricating Oils after initial performance testing of Engines, Gear boxes, Transmissions, Axles etc. on automotive assembly lines. NAS Grade oil filtrations, pokayoke for desired oil quantity draining are some of the key design features of the system


Liquid Suitability
Engine Oil
Gearbox Oil
Transmission Oil
Axle Oil


  • Oil storage tank of 200 litres capacity
  • LO pressure air output to assist draining of assembly
  • Pokayoke for drained oil qty. to ensure complete draining
  • High capacity oil transfer pump
  • 3 Stage Absolute /NAS Grade Oil Filtration System
  • Automatic Oil filtration and oil transfer to dispensing system
    • Inlet Oil Filtration to 150 micron - single stage 
    • Outlet Oil Filtration 10/3 micron
    • NAS 10/8/6 grade three stage
  • Interface facility with dispensing system
  • Volumetric measurement of drain oil ±5% tolerance
  • Filtered Oil Output flowrate at 20 LPM
  • Oil Drain Assist - LO pressure 0.2kg/cm 2 output for pressurising assembly for quick and complete draining
  • Maximizes economy of reuse of used oil with minimum wastage
  • Ensure minimal Oil residue in tested assembly
  • PLC/HMI Outputs
    • Control of Air assists output
    • Measurement of drained oil quantity
    • Tank oil level control
    • Automatic ON/OFF of transfer pump
    • Filter choked alarms
    • Alarm for fault diagnostics

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