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Series 8200

The life and performance of automotive Hydraulic Systems and Transmission Assemblies is very much dependent on the cleanliness of the oil used in these assemblies. International standards demand NAS7/ISO18/16/13 Grade or better for these applications. The Fluidyne Series 8200 : Filtration System exactly addresses this need of the automotive industry to deliver the required grade of oil with the shortest possible process time to meet production demands with the least recurring cost of consumables per litre of oil filtered in the most compact foot print to save precious assembly line space


Compliant Standards
NAS 1638/ISO 4406
Plant Capacity
500 Litres
400 Litres
250 Litres
150 Litres
Output Oil Quality
Input Oil Quality
NAS 99 (Used Dirty Oil)
NAS 12 (Barrel Fresh Oil)
Liquid Suitability
Engine Oil
Hydraulic Oil
Transmission Oil
Brake Oil
Power Steering Oil
Clutch Oil


  • Conversion of Fresh Oil / Used Oil to NAS 8/7/6 Grade
  • 550 ltr/hr. max Clean Oil Output
  • 750 ltr. on board Clean Oil Storage
  • PLC / HMI automated filtration cycle
  • Vacuum dehydration for water content PPM level optional
  • Hydac make on line contamination sensor
  • Hydac make water PPM content sensor
  • Sampling Valves for performance testing at all filtration stages
  • Four point level control in all storage and process tanks
  • Performance guaranteed with Indigenised low cost filter element
  • On line checking and display of NAS level optional
  • Accessories (Optional)
    • Dirty oil collection tank
    • Engine/Transmission Oil draining system
    • Piping/Cabling for transfer of dirty oil
    • Dispensing System for clean oil on assembly line
    • Interfacing of fresh oil transfer pumps from bulk tanks
  • On line checking and display of water PPM content optional.
  • Design and component selection ensures low running cost
  • Complete trunkey solution with dirty oil Storage Tanks/Piping/ Cabeling and Clean Oil Dispenser

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