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Aviation Fuel Flow Meter

Fluidyne's Aviation Fuel Flow Meter is a perfect device for refuelling of commercial aircrafts. The flowmeter provides an ultra-high accuracy of 0.1% of reading due to its oscillating piston mechanism which is one of the most robust Positive Displacement mechanisms in use today.

Aviation Flow Meter

Accurate and Repeatable measurement of fuel is the most important factor in aviation flow measurement flow meter. An aviation fuel flow meter must be of positive displacement type which divides a flow stream into discrete segments and measures each segment to provide accuracy of 0.1% and repeatability of better than 0.1% of actual measured value.

The Fluidyne PD meter utilizes the time-tested oscillating piston mechanism to ensure ultra-low pressure drop and slippage and is the preferred choice in aircraft refueling. Meters are manufactured in high quality SS316 and use hard materials like PEEK as displacement elements. Corrosion in the aviation fuel meter is avoided with use of PTFE seals.

The Fluidyne aviation fuel flow meter has an inbuilt 100 micron filter for added protection due to impure liquid and can provide for batching flowrates upto 1,000 Litres per minute. The aircraft fuel flow meter by Fluidyne can also provide reliable pulse output signals for interfacing with a totalizer display unit.

The aviation fuel meter complies with Legal Metrology standards and OIML R117 along with flameproof enclosure norms set by ATEX ex-d for Zone 1 and 2. To meet the high standards, aviation fuel meters must be calibrated often in the field. This can be done by using a Fluidyne aviation fuel meter proving skid which includes a master meter which provides guaranteed accuracy of 0.1%. The master meter is the one against which all field flow meters can be calibrated. The aviation fuel meter is connected to the master meter skid with a hose pipe with flanges and runs at 10-100% of the flow range are conducted. After this, the calibration certificate is printed which contains the accuracy, repeatability and the test run data of the master meter.

A master meter skid contains a PD meter with isolation valve ends connected in a T joint, a flameproof totalizer display, and suitable hose and end fittings to match with meter under test. The entire system is mounted on a trolley and is to be connected to field aviation fuel meters for calibration.

Fluidyne has consistently pioneered the PD flowmeter and is the preferred make for aviation refueling and aircraft fuel flow meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the fuel flow meter in an aircraft mean?

Fuel flow meter in aircrafts are used to refuel aircrafts with high accuracy at point of sale. Fuel flow meter is usually Positive Displacement type since highest accuracy is achieved with such flowmeters.

2. How do Aviation Flow Meters work?

Aviation flow meter uses a displacement element to displace calibrated volume of liquid from inlet to outlet in every oscillation. A number of such rotations can be totalized via magnetic pickup coils and thus the whole volume of aviation fuel can be recorded by Aviation flow meter

3. How is aviation fuel unlike from gasoline?

Aviation fuel is a derivative of Light Kerosene Oil. The trade name of aviation fuel is Jet A1 and it is the preferred choice of aviation fuel because of lower litre price and lower freezing point and high flash point. Due to these reasons it is a better fuel for aviation and aviation flow meter can be used for its accurate measurement


Positive Displacement
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1 LPM - 1000 LPM


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