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Series 6780 - Evac and Fill

The Series 6780 Dispensing System is specially designed for 100% air-bubble free filling of critical automotive sub assemblies like brake, clutch, power steering and coolant. Evacuation levels of up to 0.5 mbar are achievable along with positive pressure up to 3.0 bar. The machine, apart from filling various liquids also provides excellent quality test method of leak testing in all critical assemblies.


Filling Type
Evacuation-based Precision vacuum filling
PLC and HMI Options
Allen Bradley
Liquid Suitability
Engine Oil
Coolant Oil
Power Steering Oil
Clutch Oil
Brake Oil


  • Machine cycles are as evacuation-filling-suckback-gun purging
  • High evacuation up to 0.5 mbar suitable for braking systems
  • Filling pressure adjustable to 3.5 bar adjustable
  • Built-in liquid reservoir of 60 litre deaereation capacity
  • Liquid suck back for maintaining oil level in reservoir
  • Leak check for positive pressure during Evacuation cycle for vaccum
  • Leak check for positive pressure during filling cycle
  • Self test for main vaccum pump efficiency
  • Light weight dripless nozzle
  • Fully automatic operating cycle, zero operator interference
  • Diagnostic alarm for easy maintenance and system fault finding
  • Compact size design confirms to TPM standards
  • Leybold vacuum pumps
  • SMC filling pumps and pneumatics

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