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Adblue dispenser

Adblue dispenser is a new product launched in order to provide reliable filling solution for adblue filling given the new BS6 norms. The PD flowmeter forms the base of the adblue dispenser providing accurate and repeatable volume readings.

Adblue Dispenser-Fluidyne

If you're looking for a quality AdBlue dispenser in India, Fluidyne is at the forefront of dispensing technology over the last few decades, presenting thousands of customers across the world with quality solutions. Fast, reliable, and precise fuel dispensing is precisely what you can expect with Fluidyne's range of Dispensers. Our innovations are geared towards aiding you in finding solutions that fit your business needs. We present a flexible range of dispensers for fuels, solvents, and other valuable liquids, including AdBlue.

The Configuration of Adblue Dispenser:

The 6720 is a new range of compact dispensers most suitable for fuel and solvent dispensing. Precise quantities of diesel, petrol, AdBlue, among others, can be easily dispensed via this versatile system. The measurement in the Adblue Dispenser is volumetric based with 100% air elimination offered.

The 6720 also includes a precision two-stage valve, which works in a 90-10 ratio providing accurate cutoff after preset is reached. The time-tested P.D. flowmeter employing oscillating piston design ensures high accuracy volumetric measurement at ±0.25% of reading.


  • The Series 6720 fuel dispenser units support fuel retailers in meeting the stringent emissions targets made necessary due to the increasing environmental impact. It's sleek and helps address current ecological concerns.
  • Our fuel and AdBlue dispensers are highly reliable and cost-effective, allowing you to save energy
  • Complete Stainless Steel 304 grade construction to ensure reliability in harsh operating conditions
  • Totalizer and batch retention in case of power cuts
  • Large LCD displays for batch and totalizer viewing
  • Top up and preset modes available
  • Overvoltage alarm warnings and auto-recovery based live voltage sensing
  • Digital data output options such as E-Mails, SMS alerts, FlowLog cloud services as well as wireless Bluetooth output on Mobile phone


Fuel dispensers are used to circulate liquids in a wide range of automobiles. Most AdBlue dispensers in India are designed in wide sizes to ensure that the dispenser can handle the engine. It is necessary only to purchase fuel dispensers that will fit your requirements.

The dispenser:
  • Can be mounted on mobile vehicles
  • Offers kerosene, diesel, and petrol dispensing at high accuracy
  • Can be used for Adblue dispensing
  • Solvent and chemical dispensing into IBCs, Barrels, and tanks

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you know if AdBlue tank is full?

By using a level sensor in the adblue dispenser storage tank.

2. Is AdBlue used by all new cars?

Adblue is used by all diesel vehicles built as per Euro 6 or BS 6 norms. Adblue dispenser is required to accurately dispense set quantity of adblue into the adblue tank of the vehicle.


± 0.5% of reading
Output Options
FlowLog cloud services data logging
Data on mobile phone
RS485 MODBUS RTU Serial data
Data on emails or SMS
Totalizer display
Batch display with LCD backlight
Maximum Flow Capacity
40 LPM
Power Supply
230 VAC 50 Hz
± 0.01% of reading


  • Positive displacement flowmeter offering ±0.1% of reading at constant flowrate

  • Air separator for 100% air elimination

  • Three different flow rate versions – 35 LPM, 70 LPM, and 120 LPM

  • Preset-based and top-up mode control

  • Auto-shutoff nozzle with hose

  • Centrifugal pump operating on single phase power supply

  • Dual stage valve for 100% vending accuracy

  • Nozzle parking stand

  • Keypad for seamless preset entering

  • Large numeric counter with separate counters for rate and currency value per liter.

  • Weatherproof and Flameproof enclosure for electronics RS485 Modbus serial output available.

  • Optional output on SMS, mobile phone, or cloud services.

  • Can be directly linked to Fluidyne's FlowLog cloud-based web application.

  • Optional RFID/Barcode Scanner/ Thermal Printer is available.

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