Product Details

Series 6710 - Standard Liquid Filling

Fluidyne Liquid Filling Machine is specially designed for batch filling of multiple liquids through one common machine into 1.0 litre to 30 litre containers. The system offers an unmatched accuracy of +/- 5.0 ml per batch with a flow range of 1000 LPH. The system can be adaptable for corrosive as well as non-corrosive liquids of various viscosities, densities and chemical compositions.


Filling Type
Fixed volume Container Filling
PLC and HMI Options
Allen Bradley
Maximum Dispensing Flowrate
1000 LPH
±0.1% of reading
±5 ml per batch
Liquid Suitability


  • Suits container filling of 1,5,10,20,30 litre containers
  • Accuracy ±5.0 ml per container batch
  • 16 programmable batches available
  • Maximum dispensing flowrate of 1000 LPH
  • Display
    • 16x2 Backlit Dot Matrix
    • Display parameters - set batch quantity with ident
    • Delivered quantity with auto-zero
  • Requires a pneumatic air supply of 4 kg/cm2
  • Provision to fill, foaming type of liquids with ease
  • Single machine can fill different types of liquid in batch production
  • Diagnostic Alarms
    • Low liquid level
    • Low air pressure
    • No wash water supply
    • No flow through nozzle
  • Unique water & air washing and cleaning cycle for changing liquids
  • PLC control with MMI with finger tip selection of batch size and setting
  • Fully constructed in SS316 for corrosive liquids and environments
  • Provision for optimising accuracy while filling any liquid
  • Zero drip filling nozzle to ensure clean shop floor

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