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Series 6622 - For Cummins PT engines

The Series 6622 is compact fuel flow measuring system specially designed to suit Cummins Engines with PT Fuel System for monitoring the net fuel consumption of stationary equipment like engines, gensets, pumpsets, compressors etc. after accounting for the return fuel from the engine. The unit is provided with a 24V DC powered Flow Indicator which ensures accuracy with a variety of fuels under all operating conditions.


Measurement Flow Range
12-500 LPH
Service Liquids
Output Options
4-20 mA
FlowLog Cloud Services
Short range Wireless
Engine Make
Cummins VTA
Cummins KV
Cummins NTA
Cummins KTA
Cummins KT
Cummins NT
± 0.5% of reading
8x2 Dot Matrix LCD Display
Power Supply
Ultra-Low power battery based
12 VDC from cranking battery
24 VDC from cranking battery
Engine Capacity
50-1500 HP
Max Operating Temperature
70 °C


  • Accuracy guaranteed over 12-500 LPH range
  • Measures net fuel consumption
  • Ensures return fuel deareation for Cummins PT system
  • HSD, LDO compatible
  • Gravity head not required for operation
  • 24 VDC, 12 VDC and ultra-low power battery option available
  • 25 micron built-in reusable filter

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