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Series 6651 - High HP CAT, MTU and Perkins Engines

The Series 6651 Fuel Consumption Monitor is a single compact solution to suit the net consumption measurement requirements of 1500-3000 HP CAT/MTU/PERKINS High Horse Power Engines. Use of dual precision positive displacement Flow Sensors provide a perfect solution for net fuel measurement. An intelligent display controller with self diagnostics along with RS 485 MODBUS RTU Serial Output is most ideal solution for interfacing the Unit with BMS or SCADA Systems.


Measurement Flow Range
60-1500 LPH
Engine Make
MTU High HP Engines
Perkins High HP Engines
CAT High HP Engines
±0.5% of reading
8x2 Dot Matrix LCD Display
Output Options
Short Range Wireless
FlowLog Cloud Services
Engine Capacity
1500-3000 HP
Power Supply
230 VAC 50 Hz Single phase
Max Operating Temperature
70 °C
Service Liquids


  • Accuracy guaranteed over 60-1500 LPH Consumption.
  • Two separate Flowmeters to measure Input and Return respectively
  • Measures Net Fuel Consumption
  • HSD / LDO / MDO Compatible.
  • Day Tank gravity head not essential for operation
  • AC230 V/50Hz power Supply.
  • RS 485 MODBUS RTU Serial Output
  • Data on Cloud option available
  • Wireless output available

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